God is Forgiving, Right?

We met Omer in his cleaning supply store. We sat and had juice with him for an hour+ and talked about our religions and shared the gospel with him....
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Under Construction

Natural gas is being installed in our building, so now each apartment unit is having the pipes installed in each home. This month we have had...
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Lessons Learned

I have been meeting up regularly with *Al for a couple months. Just to hang, or to get my haircut (he is a barber). My wife and I have been to their...
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While at a local meeting amongst other workers, my friend who now serves in Europe told me about one of his friends, Y, who is visiting our city. Y...
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We say, ‘Allah.’ What do you say?

The day after major turmoil in our country, I went down to the store below our building to grab us a Coke. Due to security reasons, we were staying...
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