We say, ‘Allah.’ What do you say?

The day after major turmoil in our country, I went down to the store below our building to grab us a Coke. Due to security reasons, we were staying...
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Story Telling

I recently learned the story of Jesus calming the sea in Arabic. It was the first Bible story in Arabic that I’ve learned. Last month, we were...
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New Doors

We had some friends visit and help us discover where more Kurds in a certain part of our town. Through that work, our team discovered an area of...
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Long Term Friendships

I’ve had a relationship with Alan since we met a couple years ago in a city in the East. Since then I have shared the good news with him a few...
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Mourning with Those who Mourn

My neighbor’s sister’s baby just passed away (he was in intensive care from being born very premature).  I visited her as people often...
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