The Gospel and Papa John’s

My wife is really good friends with a lady in our building who is our age and has two kids.  They have coffee multiple times a week and text...
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Reaching Out to One

On two different occasions this past month we were reminded of the power of reaching out to ONE person with the love and gospel of Christ and how...
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No, the Bible has not been Changed

As we traveled in southeastern Turkey, a man named “ME” invited us for tea.  We agreed and talked for a little while, but the...
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Discussing Ephesians with Muslims

While touring a Kurdish city in Turkey, we were walking and a man named “H” yelled at us to come drink tea.  We agreed and sat down with...
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Engaging Imams with the Gospel

While in southeastern Turkey, we met with “A.”  He is an imam and Qur’an course teacher, and he took us to the Qur’an school...
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