A woman in Turkey called *Allison cannot read and was lamenting the fact that she did not have more time for God’s Word.  A couple of months ago, I gave her an MP3 player with the audio New Testament on it.  I showed her how to use it and prayed that she would take the effort to listen to it.

I saw her again a few weeks later and asked her about it.  “Oh yes,”  she said.  “I’ve listened to it.  My son and my grandchildren are also listening to it.  I cannot understand everything, but they are very smart and understand it.  ‘Where did you get this?’ they asked.  ‘How much did it cost?’  ‘Oh, nothing.  It was a gift from my friend,’ I told them.  My husband has listened to it too!”

I have known this woman for over 4 years.  In the past 6 months, she has been very open to me.  I have never met her family, but she shares everything she hears and learns with them.  I am amazed at how the Father patiently works.  I am asking that His Word will not return void as He has promised.

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