Jesus Said He Was Going to Save Her

We took a national partner, Steve*, to visit Ali, Bedriye, Leyla and their father, Muhammed, at Muhammed’s house. We have been in contact with this family of Syrian refugees for about three years now.

This Is Beautiful!

This week a volunteer team from Mississippi joined us in our work in the eastern part of the country. It was a very encouraging time, but the consensus view was that our time in a small grocery store was the best moment we shared together.

Sharing Christian Literature

A few months ago, a total of 545 pieces of literature were shipped from two ads we ran for gospel outreach.

The Bread We All Need to Eat

John recently went on a trip to a neighboring country to do ministry among the Kurds. When John visited the home of a Kurdish family, he was surprised to find a lot of people gathered at the home.

A New Believing Sister

We recently had a 20-year-old lady profess faith in Jesus Christ. She is the roommate of another young believer who is a part of our church but comes from a religious family


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