I Have Learned So Much over the Last Two Months

Jet*, a Kurdish man in his 50s, has confessed to being a Christian for the past year and has read Scripture but did not seem to be grasping the gospel

Outreach among Refugees on the European Border

There are many small villages along the European border that have been taking in refugees and housing them in their wedding salons. As we have been serving the refugees, we have had local believers with us who have been sharing the gospel with the locals in the villages.

A Young Adults Meeting in a Local Church

In April 2019, we started a young adults group in our local Kurdish church. The group began with a few of the young adult believers from the church…

Our First Discipleship Meeting

We just finished our first discipleship meeting with nine young men.

I Was Insecure in Community with Other Believers

Starting in September 2019, Melissa*, a young adult believer, started secluding herself from the rest of the church and was slowing falling away from the faith


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