I’ve Never Actually Read the Quran

I met with Ozlem at the very beginning of the month for coffee. She had had a really close friend betray her, so she was very sad. Although surprised she had reached out to me after so many months of silence, I think she is realizing how I am different from her other friends.

After Years, She Prayed to Receive Jesus

Deniya’s journey of coming to faith is an incredible God story. After a year of being friends, months of reading the Word together weekly, many answered prayers and ultimately, the miracle of faith in Jesus, she prayed to receive Him.

Learning to Trust the Father’s Sovereign Plans

Partner short-term volunteer teams are encouraging to us in the work, especially when coming from fellowships who have long-term partnerships in mind. Recently, we had a short-term team from one of those fellowships. For the first few days of the trip, we and the team were a little frustrated. We kept trying to have conversations, but nothing was really going anywhere

Believers Reaching Their Neighbors

Phil*, the pastor of a Kurdish fellowship, has been encouraging the believers of the fellowship to visit people in their homes and pray for them. He challenged them to visit their neighbors and other people that they do not really know well. Even if all they did was pray for them, Phil challenged the believers to reach out to unbelievers.

Prayers in Jesus’ Name

John*, a Kurdish man, recently called Phil*, the pastor of the Kurdish fellowship in our community, asking that he pray for his leg. He explained that he had experienced a lot of swelling and pain in his leg for several days.


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