An English Club and the Gospel

A local Kurdish friend who is confessing faith owns a cafe, which we visit from time to time. During one visit, he and his business partner asked us if we would be willing to start an English club in their cafe.

I Saw an Ad for a New Testament

A local Kurdish believer, “Shawn,” serves in a ministry that advertises free evangelistic materials in the Kurmanji language on the internet. Sometime in 2017, while working for a tourism company in Turkey, another Kurdish man became acquainted with Shawn’s ministry’s website.

The Light in Your Dream Is Jesus

I recently traveled to another city with a Kurdish believer named Neco, his wife, and another foreigner. We went to visit Neco’s sister and her family, who are also believers. When we arrived, we found that another one of their relatives, Hakan, who is not a believer, was visiting them.

I Want to Walk in the Light

At the end of 2016, our team had been trying to meet up with two Kurdish believers who are brothers – Mehmet and Can – so that we could study the Word with them. However, their cousin Mo, who is not a believer, also came over once he found out we were there.

Will Our Fasting Be Sufficient for God?

The past few months I have been preaching in Turkish at the local church in our city. One afternoon, while sitting in a local coffee shop preparing my sermon for that week, two friends (Nuri and Osman) came in and sat next to me.


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