An Aunt’s Influence

A middle-aged women attending our church services recently believed and was baptized. Over the past few weeks she has been inviting her college-age nephew to join her for our worship service, and he has come twice.

Christmas Services

Praise God we had a great Christmas service with our church! Our normal attendance is about 30 people, but for our special evangelistic service we had about 80 people join us!

God Has Sent Your Children Clothes

My friend and I went shopping in a nearby area. On our walk back home, we decided to stop by an antique shop near our home. As we were about to leave, the owner of the souvenir shop told me that he had two big bags of children’s clothes that he wanted to donate.

A Friend Shares with a Friend

I have a friend, Ahmad, with whom I’ve tried to share the gospel a number of times, but he would never let me really get a word in edgewise. He rarely listened at all to what I had to say.

Share a Bible Story

My teacher, Sophie*, and I like going on visits together, and last month we visited extended family members of hers twice. The first visit was with a sister-in-law with three young children and a bedridden mother living with her.


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