After Years of Outreach a Man Believes

Aaron*, the barber that some of our church members go to, recently started coming to our worship services. He is professing faith after years of outreach to him, and we are hopeful in his profession…

A Look Back at Christmas

Christmas Day was great, both for our family and for our church, as a total of 17 local men and women came to our home on Christmas night.

Diving Deeper into the Word

At a weekly prayer and study gathering of Kurdish believers, the pastor created small groups and challenged the participants to read God’s Word and share together throughout the week.

Outreach Via Language Learning

I met Recep, a Kurd, in December, at an English-speaking event at a local café. He spoke absolutely no English, so we spent the entire time laboring through conversation using my very broken Turkish. I invited him to meet regularly with me to swap language practice with one another, and he was excited to do that.

A Dream about Church

Delaney* is a Kurdish woman who was married at age 14. After years of abuse from her husband, she divorced him and raised their three sons. Later, she married a Kurdish man (Dimitri*) and had a daughter, but Demetri was sent to prison.


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