A Pre-Wedding Celebration with Friends

Last month, an ex-pat and his fiancee had a pre-wedding celebration with lots of local friends.

Gospel Opportunities with Young Adults

Recently, we were able to clearly share the gospel at three young adult meetings.

An Opportunity to Visit Again

After visiting Jim* and his wife, Penny*, a few years ago, God recently provided an opportunity to visit them again.

Ministry Is Not Always Convenient

We let our son play at the park for a couple minutes, hoping it would use up his energy so we could get more sleep one evening and get through our sickness. Then, an extremely talkative Kurdish lady wanted to talk with us. She has a 3-year-old son who was playing with our son.

She Is Sharing Her Faith Openly

Gillian*, a young lady we had the privilege of sharing the gospel with several times in 2018 when she first arrived in our country, was baptized last summer, even after being persecuted by her family and her community.


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