Getting Connected to the Church

I took a confessing Kurdish Christian, Abdu, who is not a member of a church, to a local church worship service.

Sorrowful But Always Rejoicing

In my role, I have the privilege of partnering more closely with a national brother, David, who is doing broad-seed-sowing among our people group. For us, broad-seed-sowing means putting out ads on social media, people requesting good materials, and our partner sending it to them.

One City, Four Viewpoints, One Need

It is increasingly difficult to describe our ministry setting as a strictly “Muslim context.” Yesterday, my wife and I experienced something that is an example of why this difficulty is growing and situations are unpredictable

Would You Be Accepted by God?

I began visiting a Kurdish lady I was introduced to earlier in the month. The last time I visited, one of her relatives was with her, and I was able to share the gospel with them.

Jesus Said He Was Going to Save Her

We took a national partner, Steve*, to visit Ali, Bedriye, Leyla and their father, Muhammed, at Muhammed’s house. We have been in contact with this family of Syrian refugees for about three years now.


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