A New Follower of the Son of God

In a story shared on February 5th, I told you about a Kurdish man named Hakan, the dream that he had, and how we were able to share the Truth with him.

I Want to Read the Whole Bible. Can I Buy One?

One day this week I was at our local fellowship by myself, which is quite unusual, as I normally have at least one or two other guys with me. While working on a future sermon, a uniformed policeman walked up and knocked on the window.

Broken Lives and the Gospel of John

My Kurdish friend “Darla” got married when she was 16. Within a few years, she had children to care for and raise. After many difficult years in a strained, violence-marred marriage, she divorced her husband.

An English Club and the Gospel

A local Kurdish friend who is confessing faith owns a cafe, which we visit from time to time. During one visit, he and his business partner asked us if we would be willing to start an English club in their cafe.

I Saw an Ad for a New Testament

A local Kurdish believer, “Shawn,” serves in a ministry that advertises free evangelistic materials in the Kurmanji language on the internet. Sometime in 2017, while working for a tourism company in Turkey, another Kurdish man became acquainted with Shawn’s ministry’s website.


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