I Wish I Had Gotten the Henna

I participated in a henna outreach this month. During one of the days, we were trying to keep a low profile, since the day before we had some issues with the authorities.

Christians Believe That We Are Helpless to Save Ourselves

Rudy*, a Kurdish friend of ours, has been out of the country for a couple months. When he returned, he contacted me and wanted to hang out. We met up at his friends’ apartment where he is staying in the meantime.

Progress in Language

Mary: Last month I got to hear the testimonies of two women in our church for the second time.

She Follows Islam from Her Heart

This month I got to meet several times with Faith*, a North African girl we met in our language class. We had already talked a little bit about Christianity the first time she came over, but this time I got to share the whole gospel with her.

I Have Never Heard That Sin Can Be Removed

We were able to attend a kids’ camp for preschoolers through high schoolers from churches in the eastern part of our country last month. The first day we arrived, a 14-year-old girl named Helen* befriended me and wanted to spend the whole evening with me.


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