Henna and God’s Love

Our city recently had a huge festival over the weekend, and a group of us went down to offer free henna. The design that we do tells the gospel story, from Adam and Eve to Christ, in a simple way.

The Word in His Mother Tongue

When I was showing my friends around our charming Central Asian city, we met a Kurdish tour guide from a city in which we used to live. I don’t believe in accidents.

We Have Never Met a Believer Before

A Kurdish friend and I recently visited a family who fled from war several years ago and are now living in our city. We went up the narrow stairwell that was jam packed with items from the shop below.

I Read All of It…Three Times!

Rehmi lives and works just outside of town as a security guard for an apartment complex. He works the night shift, so a lot of his time is spent reading and just waiting at the gate. One day, while sitting with me, Rehmi told me he was running out of stuff to read…

God Is Working among the People in Our City

I took the bus with the three kids earlier this month, and was obviously standing out as a foreigner as a result. When I boarded the bus, I discovered my bus card had no money left on it, and these buses didn’t accept cash.


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