From Hatred to Love

During a weekend last month, we had the privilege of spending time with and hearing from *Erdan, a pastor of 16 years. He told us he grew up as a nationalist hating Kurds and planned to become a politician so he could help destroy them…

I Feel So Lost

Zachary is a man from our city who heard the gospel from a believer who works doing Bible distribution. In their conversation, he was also referred to our house church as a place where he could learn more about Jesus.

David Showed Us Another Road

David has been meeting weekly with Bart, a leader in a local mosque. They spend time reading and discussing both the English and Kurdsh version of a story from the Bible.

She Listens to Everything I Have to Say about God

My friend Helene is a Kurd from Iran. In her home growing up, she spoke Kurdish with her parents and siblings but spoke Farsi in school. She is educated in Farsi, speaks Farsi with her husband and even dreams in Farsi.

Walking over the Mountains to Reach Peace

The fighting in the Middle East continues to cause refugees to flee from their homes. Over the past couple of months, many families have fled to a Middle Eastern city where their friends and family have fled before.


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