Suffering Believers

A national ministry partner traveled to an isolated area to visit some families in need. While there, he found several gatherings of believers who speak Kurdish.

The Results of an Answered Prayer

Luke, a young adult in our local Kurdish church, recently shared a really cool story with us. One of his relatives, Josh, and his wife had been trying to have a baby for more than ten years.

Fruit from Broad Seed Sowing

We have a new brother in Christ! Please pray for Vahit*. He came to faith through our broad seed sowing ministry.

Belief in His Head, Not in His Heart

When a teammate and I were out with a volunteer team a couple of months ago, we met Isaiah* via an evangelistic outreach ministry in our country. He is a Kurd from an unreached city with very few Christians.

An Opportune Flat Tire

God is truly in control! We were on our last day out east with a volunteer team and were trying to find a sewing shop because one of the ladies on the team teaches sewing. After finally finding one run by two women and their brother, we started a conversation…


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