A New Believing Sister

We recently had a 20-year-old lady profess faith in Jesus Christ. She is the roommate of another young believer who is a part of our church but comes from a religious family

The Difficulties of Young Believing Women

Bedriye is a young believer who is pregnant with an unexpected and possibly unwanted baby. Fidan is newly married to an unbelieving man (she herself says she has not decided if she believes) and is having a difficult marriage and problems adjusting to his authority.

They Are Not Bearing Spiritual Fruit

On Easter Sunday, we visited a married couple, both of whom were baptized last year but have not shown any fervency in their faith. They still confess Christ, but they are not attending church services and do not have regular time in God’s Word.

All of the Local Believers Came

We were not able to keep an exact count because the day was so crazy-busy, but we shared the gospel with at least 250 people at a recent festival in our city. Those are 250 people who had never heard the good news before.

Outreach at a Local Festival

Please join us in praising God! At a local festival last month, 250 gospel booklets and 90 New Testaments were given out. Nearly 150 ladies had the prodigal son story drawn on their hands, and nearly 100 more individuals listened to the story.


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