Outreach at a Local Festival

Please join us in praising God! At a local festival last month, 250 gospel booklets and 90 New Testaments were given out. Nearly 150 ladies had the prodigal son story drawn on their hands, and nearly 100 more individuals listened to the story.

She Just Called Me

We regularly do online Facebook ads in order to get New Testaments into people’s hands. After they request the New Testament, we follow up with them to see if they have questions, would like to meet, or even come visit our church’s worship gathering.

One More Person

Elif is a university student that I met while spending a couple of days in eastern Turkey this past fall. While praying for the Lord to bring one more person for us to share the gospel with before the day was over, Elif walked into a local church I was serving.

God Is Pursuing Kurds through the Local Church

The Lord has opened a remarkable door for the gospel through a local church in Turkey. For the past couple weeks, I have had the pleasure to stay with a local Christian sister, Betty*, to fellowship with and serve in the church and to share the gospel with many visitors from all over Turkey.

Let Go of Your Bitterness

With members of my small group, I went on several visits to the homes of families I had never met before. What a blessing to see how they shared parts of their testimony or encouraged people who were going through some difficult times!


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