I Never Saw How the Stories Connect

Please pray for our language helper, Wilma*, with whom we have shared the gospel many times. In fact, she seems to know and understand the stories of the Bible better than many believers.

Broken Relationships

Ozlem is one of the people for whom I am praying daily. We met on a bus nearly three years ago and spent a lot of time together for about a year. I shared with her several times but then backed off the relationship when she showed a fair amount of resistance.

Bridging Conversations to the Gospel

A friend connected me with the sister of a Kurdish lady she visits with in Nashville. Sarah asked us to visit her, so a teammate and I were able to go to her house and visit with her.

Good Thoughts, Words, and Deeds?

Two young adults and I visited a couple that had recently fled the war and had arrived as refugees in our city. The church had recently provided some essentials for them to begin their lives in their new home, so we had a follow-up visit to check on them, encourage them, and share the gospel with them.

Training and Appointing Elders

One of the more exciting things we have experienced recently has been discussing the role of elders in the church with our Kurdish pastor


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