God Has Helped Me to Evaluate Myself

I have been praying for Sarah Lynn’s* marriage recently, asking God to help her to evaluate herself and see what she needs to change in her life in order to be a good wife, even though she may think her husband does not deserve a good wife.

I’m Willing to Go to Reach Other Kurds

I was really encouraged by a conversation I recently had with Ned*, a Kurdish pastor. We talked about the need to train and equip leaders. Ned not only wants to train them up in his church, but he wants to go to other cities and help other Kurdish leaders.

It’s Okay to Be Bold

Gayle’s* sister, Sue*, had been in contact with me through WhatsApp throughout the lockdown period, and I was finally able to go and see her

Joining a Group for Christian Artisans

Still new in the making, I recently began working with a believing Kurdish lady to begin an artisan group through World Crafts.

Attending But Not Believing

I recently communicated the gospel to two men who have been coming to our church gatherings. One claims to be a believer, but I see very little evidence of genuine faith.

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