*Baran, a Kurd from eastern Turkey, said he was interested in coming to the Easter celebration where 500+ believers would gather together and worship in Turkish. However none of us thought he would come, or I guess I should say had faith that he would. Then I got a call 20 mins before we were leaving. It was Baran asking if he could go with us. While it caused some inconvenience and change of plans, we wanted to do whatever possible to get him to this event to hear the gospel from a Turkish pastor, which he did.

Not only did Baran come, but another Kurdish friend, *Murat, came half-way through the service (we didn’t even know he was interested) and brought two of his Kurdish friends.

Please pray for them as they heard the Gospel sung, saw believers praying and praising, and heard the gospel clearly preached from Isaiah 53. Pray for fruit in their lives!


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