While helping my friend “B” at the community center, I had the opportunity to ask him three worldview questions: Who is God, what is sin, and what is salvation. He told me that these are extremely important questions and that he would think about it and give me his answers in a few weeks. However, he then started to tell me a few of his thoughts. He was using language that was far beyond my ability but I tried to listen and understand.

While he was talking, another friend, “N,” who is a Muslim background believer walked up. They then began to talk and “N” started to share his faith. The two of them talked for almost an hour as “N” shared Truth with “B.” I sat there trying to understand and follow the conversation, but most of all I sat there in amazement. I just praised God that He could use those questions to open up this conversation.

Please pray for “B,” that the Lord would use “N’s” testimony to be a road by which the Holy Spirit will bring him to Christ.


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