“I bring you GOOD NEWS that will cause GREAT JOY for ALL PEOPLE.” Luke 2:10. For those who know Christ as Savior this season brings joy, awe and wonder. We are amazed at what Christ has done and will do. We never tire of hearing the story of how Christ came to dwell among us and redeem sinful man, yet there are those around us who have never heard the story. Many in this part of the world think the Christmas holiday we celebrate is the same holiday as New Year’s. They simply do not understand. They struggle through their sin and darkness, yet there is One who is a deliverer and redeemer. Please pray that we would have many opportunities to share during this time of year about the joy we have, the reason we are celebrating, what Christ came to earth to do, and the expectant wonder of Him coming again. Pray that many would see and understand that the good news of Christ brings joy and it is for all people, including them.


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