*Baran works hard on his schooling. He has already learned Russian, is working on English, and of course, since his first language is Kurmanji (Kurdish), he has learned Turkish. He has earned a masters in Russian literature from Kyrgyzstan. He is constantly telling me how stressed he is and how he needs to pass an exam.

*Baran moved from his village in Eastern Turkey to the big city to go to school and have a better life. He wants to provide for his new wife and baby, and has pressure from their families to give her a good life. What is more, he wants to obey and honor God. This has led him to be more religious than other Kurds his age.

Life in the big city has pulled so many into a race to get money – through education, work etc. and he has fought against that. This desire to honor God has also made Baran curious about the Christian faith. He has taken a Bible and read some of it, he has had multiple conversations with believers, and has actually listened during their conversations. He even went to an Easter celebration where hundreds of believers from around the world worshipped our Savior. But he has yet to believe in that Savior.

Ask the Father to keep tugging on Baran’s heart

Ask him to open his eyes to the truth

As the Father to show Baran that no amount of education or money can bring him happiness, and no amount of “religious” practice can take away his stress


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