Recently, I’ve been thinking of the absurdly radical story that we believe and what it means in the Kurdish world.

Here, to say that the Creator created man so that man would enjoy Him is bordering on the heretical. The idea that we (male and female) are created in His image takes some explaining. Let’s not even mention things like: the trinity, the son shedding his blood once for all as a payment for sin, the idea that faith and/or works are useless without the other, that children are sinful, the defining characteristic of heaven is that the Father is there, and on and on. Those things almost seem too insane, too sacrilegious to even mention. Almost.

The story is radical. It’s radical in its essence because the Holy One is radical. And for the majority of history and throughout the majority of the world, believing in something this radical comes with a huge cost. Suffering, persecution, mocking, and even giving up one’s life. Why would anyone believe it?

I think because “deep calleth unto deep…the soul senses its origin and longs to return to its Source.” (The Knowledge of the Holy, Tozer) I also think because despite the cost, this story has the power to save and bring the fullest kind of joy. It offers a picture of the One who is holy, divine, sovereign, just, merciful, loving at every single moment. AND He desires us, pursues us; loves us enough to erase our sin.

It goes against the grain in so many ways – in America, in Europe, in Africa, and over here in Central Asia. I don’t think the story is just for Americans. I think it radically crosses the boundaries of culture and language. I think it’s for me, and you, and those around me everyday.

I challenge you to read it and seek the One. And if we decide this story is true, then it must be fully true and of the utmost importance in our lives.

Please, lift up the women in my city as they are faced with this radical story.


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