One of the greatest hindrances of evangelism amongst MBB’s (Muslim Background Believers) is the fear of everyone knowing that they have become a believer.   It could mean losing your job, being kicked out of the family, disinherited, beaten or killed. In most cases, the threat is worse than the reality, so they put their light under the basket.

A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  When a man quits beating his wife and shows love to her and the kids, like never before, it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Other things are also noticed, like not going to the Mosque, or reading the Koran, and not praying.

When NZ’s wife saw these changes in his life, she would always threaten him with telling his family and letting everyone else know he has “sold” his religion.  A couple weeks ago, at a funeral, his wife told the family that NZ had sold his religion and become a Jew (the lowest of infidels and enemies of their religion).  She said he is chasing after the Americans and has become like them and hangs out with other infidels (mbb’s).

When he entered the house, the questions started.  He was scared, but something in him told him to come out of the darkness, and to speak forth, because this is his time.  He said it was like a fire inside him that could not be held in, so he had to speak, but it was not him speaking, it was HIM.  As he spoke the family sat in silence, unable to answer the wisdom that came from him.

What he feared is no longer and issue now.  Since then NZ has been emboldened to share truth like never before.  He is always praying for opportunities to share his faith with someone.

Please pray for NZ and all the MBB’s that the Holy Spirit will give them boldness and that the Lord of the Harvest will send more laborers like this (local believers) into His harvest field.


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