Recently I took my children out to the playground near our house and met a lady who works as a nanny watching three kids in our apartment complex. As I talked with her I discovered she is Kurdish, which is not necessarily a given in our city. After talking for a while, I asked her name. She replied, “It’s a bad name.” What? She went on to tell me her name is “Intizar.” I had never heard that word, so I asked her what it means. “Beddua,” she said. I had not heard that word either, so I told her I would look it up.  

I took the kids inside for lunch and looked up her name. It means “curse.” Wow! I started to really think about that. What was her mother thinking? Then I realized that I had told her my name, but she did not ask the meaning. My names means “crowned.” What a contrast! What a blessing I have received from my mother and parents in my name and not only in my name but in my upbringing. My parents raised me to walk in the truth of the gospel, loving Jesus Christ. The lady named “Curse” has probably never heard this Truth. Because of my faith in Jesus I really am “Crowned” and she really is “Curse”d. Please pray for Curse to hear the Truth, receive it, and become a “Crowned One” as well. Pray that I may find and take the opportunity to share with her what a blessing she can have through faith in Jesus the Messiah.


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