Please Pray for Ike and Cher.  I have been able to share with Cher in great depth recently after almost two years of friendship.  She recently came and asked me to tell her everything I know about Jesus. For a half hour or more I shared from Genesis to Revelation and answered her various questions.  A few weeks later I was with her and her husband at the gym and she brought it up again in front of her husband Ike, saying how he was sick of Islam.  He made some strong comments in that regard, confirming what she said.  He then preceded to say he even visited the local catholic church in search of truth.  He said maybe he could be Christian (semi-joking) and was a bit shocked when I said indeed he could and shared a bit with him about our beliefs and how we differ from catholicism and the orthodox church here.

Please lift up this family, ask for more opportunities to share and that the gospel would create a deep thirst within them. 


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