I have been trying to form a closer relationship with, “Mahmut,” the young dad from a Kurdish family who lives in our apartment building. One afternoon as we were sitting outside in the shade, talking and watching our boys play in the parking lot, we discussed the possibility our families picnicking together at a nearby park some Saturday. Before we called our boys to go in for dinner, I also invited him to church at our house the next day. I had no idea if he would come or not. The next morning, I was almost surprised when he, his wife, his two toddlers, and his 10 year old nephew rang our doorbell. Our church normally shares a late breakfast together before worship. So, we invited them in and served them the typical local breakfast fare of bread, pastries, cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers. While finishing his glass of hot tea, “Mahmut” commented that it was really neat the way we got together every single week to eat a meal together and worship God.

“It is a very good thing that you do,” he said, “but it is not something that we do. It is like a holiday every week.” My team mate “Brad” and I were then able to explain to “Mahmut” that for Christians, every week is like a celebration. Because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection and the fact that he is STILL alive every single Sunday! We began a time of worship shortly after breakfast, with singing, prayer and Bible teaching. By God’s design, the lesson “Brad” taught that day was about the resurrection and ascension of Christ. Afterwards the believers who were present celebrated The Lord’s Supper, along with an explaination of the significance of it.

“Mahmut” walked away that day having clearly heard the whole gospel message, probably for the first time ever. I do not yet know what he thinks about all that he saw and heard that day, but I believe God brought him to our home that Sunday morning for a reason. Please pray for “Mahmut.” Pray that we will have further opportunities to share Christ with him. Pray that God will bring to his memory the Scripture we read that day and open his eyes to believe it is true. Please pray for the salvation of “Mahmut” and his whole family.


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