A few years ago, shortly after a Zaza Kurd trusted Christ, an American expat began to disciple the new believer by pouring into his life.  They would meet almost weekly for Bible study and prayer, and the young Zaza man loved spending time in the expat’s home experiencing the genuine love of a Christian family.  He also enjoyed reading about the Christian faith and devoured several books on the topic.  With time, he showed good spiritual growth and the potential for leadership.  As a result, the expat began studying systematic theology with him in order to help prepare him to teach at local church meetings.

Then, suddenly, the Zaza man quit visiting the American’s home.  He quit calling and wouldn’t answer when the expat tried contacting him.  The only reply he gave was a short text message that said he didn’t want to meet with the American any more; no further explanation.

Several months passed.  Then one day, out of the blue, the Zaza Kurd communicated with his friend and said he wanted to start interacting together again and studying the BIble.  When they met face to face again for the first time, he apologized for breaking off contact.  He explained that he had wanted to spend more time with a mutual friend of theirs but felt it was better to not have contact with the American during that period.  After a while, though, he had begun to realize that he missed his expat buddy and the rich times they spent in the Word together.  He deeply sensed this loss, regretted his decision to stop meeting, and desired a return to their former fellowship.  Now, they are once again growing in the Lord together.  Please pray that this Zaza brother would mature and bear fruit a hundred fold.


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