“Lilly” saw an open Bible on a table and asked, “Is that a New Testament? Can I see it? I have always been curious about it.” Her Christian friend was able to share with her what we believe is in the Bible, how it is all one story, and how it has not been changed. Lilly asked if anyone could read it, so her friend gave her a copy. She seemed very grateful.
Later, Lilly met a Christian from her own people group. This woman, “Farrah” was very bold and immediately told Lilly that she was a believer and follower of Jesus. Lilly was surprised, and many questions flowed out of her mouth all at once. “Are you from Turkey? Is your family Muslim? What did they think? How did it happen?” Farrah very patiently told her the short version of her testimony, some of the questions that she had struggled with, how it was a long process in her life, how her life had changed since believing, and some of her favorite Bible passages (1 Cor 13). Lilly practically ignored her children going wild as she listened eagerly. Farrah encouraged her to start reading the New Testament that she had received. Please pray for Lilly’s heart, for curiosity, and that she would surrender her life.


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