*Rose was the first lady that came to the community center before we even opened.  She saw the sign, *A Place of Hope, and said that she needed hope and thought that God had sent us. Her life is very difficult with an invalid husband, and mother who has been very ill for a long time now. Rose is not able to come to the center regularly at this point.   She called me tonight, and asked that I pray for her.  Her mom is bed ridden, and a brother who normally lives in the same building as her mom has been in the hospital and can’t take care of her at all.  Rose has been having health issues of her own as well.    She described herself tonight as tired, angry, depressed…the list went on.  She has heard the gospel over the last few years but has not followed Christ.  She is often angry at God for how difficult her life is even though she is a “ good person.”

She has been a blessing to us at the center.  Her young adult son often comes as well, but he has the same genetic disease as his father and often blames Rose and his father for this.  She told me tonight that she knows our prayers are effective.  I prayed with her on the phone about her family’s health issues and needs, and I asked God to show Himself to her.  Will you join us in asking that God will reveal Himself to her and her family? 

Pray that she will see God’s perfect love for sinners, in sending His Son to die in their place, and that she will see everything in her life in light of the cross.

Beseech the throne of God for her family that they will know that there is a God in heaven, and that He is good, merciful, righteous, and that His name is Jesus.


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