Recently we were able to spend a fun-filled weekend with local Kurdish friends. On Saturday night we had them in our home for dinner and a night of games. As we waited on the ladies to finish cooking, I had an opportunity with my friend H to flip through a picture book we had created of the city in which we previously lived. He was amazed by some of the things he saw. One of the pages contained pictures of a shepherd and his flock along with the text of Psalm 23. “What does this mean?” he asked. Praise the Lord, I had the opportunity to read it to him and tell him about our Good Shepherd. We finished the night by sharing a meal together and teaching them how to play one of our favorite games.

The next day after my family had finished gathering for worship, we met up again with our local friends. We weren’t quite prepared for the adventure that would soon take place! In the course of eleven hours, we would drive outside of our city for a late breakfast, explore three different caves, swim in the sea, and close the night with a delicious dinner. On the way out to our destination, our friends H and G asked me what I had taught on that morning in church. I was able to share with them the truths of Philippians 3:12-4:1. They were both very interested, and I was also able to share my story with them. My wife and our friends from our home fellowship who were visiting from the States were able to share as well. H and G both expressed interest in reading God’s Word.

Please pray for H and G, that the Lord would show them their need for a Savior and the sufficiency of Jesus on behalf of his people.


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