I went to a tailor’s shop that is only 20 meters from our home and met “S.”  After a couple of minutes of basic questions, he shared about his hometown etc. and the fact that he was Zaza and Alevi.  He explained what that meant and how it was different from other Kurds.  I was then able to preach the gospel to him, and told him — without faith in Christ — that we are lost and cannot go to heaven.  I then asked him if he had ever read the New Testament and he said he hadn’t, so I gave him one.  He was stoked that it was in Turkish, since he can’t read Arabic.  He said he would read it and that I should come back to talk with him anytime.

Please pray for “S,” that he would read the New Testament that was given to him, and that he would believe in the savior found within its pages!


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