Nick’s a family man. He’s got a wife and a couple of kids to look after, and like many he struggles with issues that come in a fallen world: a difficult relationship with his wife, debt, job loss, and bad health. A number of years ago Nick met a foriegn worker in town.  As they became friends, Nick heard the good news from his new friend. Nick was struck by the strong call of the Lord through this good news, and as a needy sinner he thankfully received the Father’s gracious gift in Christ. He decided to follow Jesus despite the many difficulties that he was sure to face.  As he takes small steps in his faith, he is now one of very few believers in town, and opportunities to meet with believers of his own people are rare. Sometimes, as he talks about the darkness that is covering his people, he asks, “Now that I am in the light, how can I go back to the darkness?”

Along with this new trust has come many hardships, especially from his family. His wife, whom he used to beat before he was a believer, has frequent episodes of rage because of his change in faith. She claims that he has no morality at all despite his change for the better. Her fits of anger happen at home, in front of his extended family, and even in public. His extended family also ostracizes him, seeking to shame him towards a return to his old faith. This is extremely difficult to endure, even without all of the other challenges he faces. Despite his faith, his efforts to persevere with his family seem close to a breaking point.

Today, while begging for the Lord’s help, Nick confessed in prayer that he has nothing left:  no strength, no ability, and no endurance.  Maybe the Lord has blessed us with an easier situation than Nick, but we are all like him. What do we have that is not true strength, ability, or blessing from the Lord? Please pray that Nick would cast everything on his Savior and continually lean on His strength while his heavenly Father provides what he needs. Also thank Him, not only for our earthly blessing, but for the Father’s grace and love on sinners like us.


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