Father, I love my friends.  They are gifts from you.  We have laughed and cried together through the years.  I have watched them grow as individuals.  I have watched their children grow from infants to toddlers and toddlers to school children running around in their uniforms.  I have spoken your truth to them.  They have listened, but they do not hear.  They desperately need you!

*Lydia is overwhelmed by her life and calls out to Allah for peace.  *Anna weeps over her sin-ravaged children. *Sara is always seeking to improve herself and find happiness.

I love them and my heart aches for them.  They are my friends.  But, they are your creation.  You molded each of them.  You know the deepest corners of their hearts.  While I only see in part, You have seen every moment of their lives.  You love them more than I ever could.  Lord, please open their eyes to see You and their hearts to hear Your voice.  Tune their children’s hearts to hear your soft words of hope.  Let the light of your inexhaustible love drive out the darkness so we all may worship You together as sisters.  I love you, Father, and I want them to love You too.


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