Shortly before heading back for our stateside assignment in May, we were traveling to our church gathering on a bus.  We almost always drive, but that morning the power was out, so we couldn’t open the gate to our parking lot.  We quickly scrambled to a bus and left for church.  On the way, a young lady initiated a conversation with my wife.  She was extremely friendly and personable, and she was someone my wife seemed to “click” with very easily.

They exchanged phone numbers, but we didn’t think much about it.  Well, over the past 3.5 months in the States, this lady has regularly messaged my wife.  We just got back to our home city a week ago, so my wife is eager to meet with her and begin an actual face-to-face friendship.  Please pray for this young lady to be open to the gospel and trust in Christ.  The Lord seems to have graciously placed her in my wife’s life.


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