Our family never expected to have to leave the town after living there only 10 months.  To be honest, it was quite painful and we don’t fully understand why God would pull us out of there at this point in time.  If we’d known from the beginning it would just be 10 months we probably would not have gone.

But praise God, during that time we got to be involved in seeing more than a dozen Kurds adopted into the family, four believers dunked, and two small Word groups formed!  As we were leaving we wondered if God had plans of His own for Valley Town that we couldn’t quite see.  Maybe our Western footprint would be too visible if we remained where we were.  About five weeks have passed since we initially left, and since then we have heard of five more Kurds adopted into the family, one of which is the wife of one of the most passionate followers in the town!  We see now that God is continuing to work these things out for His greater purposes. He is faithful!

Pray for these young believers and young churches!


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