After moving to the Aegean coast of Turkey, an American woman met a local at the seaside.  The local was very open about her curiosity in Christianity and had actually attended a few local churches in the past.  Later, they reconnected over coffee.  Again, she immediately started talking about church and explained that, although she was an atheist, she was searching and one day might become a Christian.  The American invited her to a local fellowship’s Easter service.  She told her that everything would be in Turkish and that a local friend of hers would be preaching.  The local had spent a lot of time with Christian foreigners, but was surprised to hear that a local was a believer.  She came to the Easter service and heard the gospel preached very clearly.  She even spoke to the man who preached after the service, asking a few questions about what he preached.  She has an interest in reading the Scriptures and has said that she is going to start reading in the Gospel of John.  Please pray for more opportunities to explain truth to this seeking woman and that she would believe in the Good News of Jesus!


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