On a short term trip, we were looking for a barber shop to get some haircuts and a shave and we were hoping to meet some men and share with them through this. After looking for a bit, we went up an alley and a kind older gentleman led us to a barbershop. We went inside where a few men were speaking Kurdish. We asked for a shave and haircut for me.

Remi* has been a barber for about forty years and has six children. We soon foundout, however, that he is hard of hearing. Thankfully his sixteen year old son was there and he could translate a bit into louder Turkish. After about twenty minutes, Remi’s* oldest son, David*, came into the shop. At first it seemed like he was a little cold towards us. However, after a couple minutes he soon warmed up nicely and we had good initial conversations. Then we ended up having a little bit of time sharing our beliefs, but after that we were able to preach the gospel to the three of them.

After that day we went back again and two more guys got haircuts and shaves. When we left, we gave them a film, a NT, bookmark, and a recording. Two days later he contacted me and said since we gave him a gift he wants to give us a Koran. The other thing that is really cool is David’s* cousin and uncle own and operate two restaurants near where we live! We hope to meet up with them soon!

Please pray for continued fruit of our time together getting haircuts and sharing, and pray that through this one contact, his family might hear the Good News!


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