On my long bus commute home one evening, realized I was getting sick with something. I was starting to feel very weak and very quickly developed a high fever. When I got off the bus, I knew I couldn’t make the usual 15 minute walk home, so I decided to take a taxi.

Rightly or wrongly, I normally don’t feel like chatting with taxi drivers. On this night, I REALLY did not want to talk to anybody. I was in a bad mood and feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to get to my bed. But this taxi driver wouldn’t give up. He just wanted to talk. So I tried my best to engage in conversation.

He began telling me about his home city, which as it turns out, is one of the ancient biblical cities in this country. He even talked about one of the biblical prophets who lived there thousands of years ago. I asked him if he believed in the prophets. He said “Of course I do.” I told him that I also believe in the prophets, and that I believe they all point to Jesus. He is the final and most important prophet. He is the one we worship.

When I asked, he said he had never read the Bible, but that he did like to read. I had my local-language Bible with me that I had been reading on the bus to help with my language learning. I told him that I would be glad to give it to him as a gift if he would accept it. He gladly accepted it. He was so thankful. Why am I always so surprised when this happens?!

A few minutes later he dropped me off and told me that he always parks and waits for customers at a particular nearby shopping center. He wants me to come visit him sometime. It was such a clear reminder that God uses me in my weakness so much more than he uses me when I think I’m strong. I was feeling so sick and was probably the least “ready” I have ever been for a Gospel encounter. And yet God chose to use me to share the gospel with someone who was ready to hear.


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