My colleague and I spent an evening hanging out with two Kurdish brothers who are believers.  Another Kurdish friend and their cousin who are not believers were both there as well.  They were all young so the night was fun and energetic.  The whole time we were there the Jesus film was playing on their computer in the background (this is how they memorize Scripture).

The two believers were boldly sharing the good news with our friend and their cousin in Kurmanji, one of the Kurdish dialects.  One was sort of the passionate “cop” and the other the calm “cop.”  I was able to share why Jesus had to come as a man, in order to be our mediator between God and man.  I then asked if they would be willing to watch a story about Jesus.  I then showed them the Prophet’s Story in Kurmanji.  After talking and sharing about this for a while longer the conversation died down.  The two unbelievers sat on the bed mat chatting, but the believers got close to us, opened up the word, and began sharing with us their favorite passages from John.  It was great to see young believers be bold about Jesus to family and friends.

Pray for these believers, that they would continue to grow in their faith and knowledge, and pray for these unbelievers who heard the Good News, that they would be open to asking their friends questions, and that they would repent and believe the Gospel!


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