We have had “M” as our language teacher for around 3 months, but she just obtained a new job, so she will have to stop being our teacher. During the last few months, we have worked really hard at sharing truth when opportunities arose (or creating the opportunities as it seemed appropriate). She was always so receptive to our sharing and even curious as she would ask many questions. She also would not come back with a lot of “Oh well, the Koran says…” or “I believe this…” like many Muslims we talk to. Maybe it is her modern/slightly universalistic worldview, but, either way, we are grateful for her openness to hearing our words.

During our classes or breaks, she often would walk over to our bookshelf and pull one of our Bibles off of our shelf and start looking through it. Recently, I asked her if her family had one, and she said that they used to but it disappeared when they were having work done to their house. The next week, I gave her her own copy of the Bible in Turkish, and she joyfully accepted the gift. She even came back the next day and said that, when she had told her dad that we gave her one, he excitedly asked “It is in Turkish?! Bring it home quickly so I can read it!” I only wish I had given her a copy earlier so we might have had more natural opportunities to talk about what she might read than now when we won’t have class together anymore (but now there is definitely more of an incentive to keep up our friendship). I am SO thankful for the friendship we have with M and the opportunity that God has given us to speak into her life. I pray that He will use our words and especially his own Word now to change her heart and save her into eternal life with Himself.


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