While in the bakery, I ran into a lady I had met more than three years ago. Her son was in the same kindergarten class as our son—and way back then I had ended up having a lengthy conversation with her during an all day picnic. She wore an Islamic head covering and was fairly religious. Fast forward to the bakery… when she saw me, she sat me down to catch up. I had the interesting task of explaining home school. She invited us to have tea and actually set a date a few days later! The boys and I arrived, muffins in hand, and were greeted by a houseful of ladies, teenage girls, and kids. Talking about Sunday led to an explanation of our Sunday worship, which in turn led to the 19 year-old daughter asking about the difference between Islam and Christianity. God was clearly present in the situation. While devout, the ladies/teens were not argumentative and actually allowed me to give about a 10 minute explanation of the gospel of salvation starting in Genesis! I’m sure I left things out and stumbled over my words, but I am so thankful that God provided the opportunity. The 19 year-old daughter, in particular, seemed very interested in the story.


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