Our language teacher, *Sarah, had family members arrive from her hometown, including her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and teenage children. The additional people moving into her home and extra responsibilities made it difficult for her to continue teaching us, so she informed us that she unfortunately had to quit.

We were really sad, but the day that she quit, two great things happened:

  1. Her brother-in-law came from a nearby apartment and was curious about my language learning. He had been a Kurdish teacher in their village for six years and was willing to step in and teach us for a few weeks before returning to his hometown.
  2. The other great thing that happened was that after working on Bible stories with us for several months and having been invited several times to attend the Kurdish fellowship with me, Sarah finally decided to go with me that night. She has attended every week since she quit being our teacher and has even brought her sister with her every week, and they have both loved hearing the Word of God in their native Kurdish dialect. I trust that the Lord will work in their hearts. Will you please pray for them?

*NOTE: Name changed for security reasons.


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