A Christian worker in Turkey had the idea of asking local men what local product he should buy and send back to his dad and brother as Christmas presents.  While asking one such friend, it opened the door to talk about Christmas and why it is celebrated as a holiday.  The local man seemed very interested, so the worker asked if he had ever read the Christmas story in the Bible.  He said no but that he was interested in reading the Bible.  A few days later, the worker had a chance to bring him a copy of the New Testament.  He told him he had a gift for him and the man excitedly asked if it was the Bible that had been promised. The worker said yes and gave him the book.  A few days later, the man saw the worker and told him that he had started reading the book and that he wanted to discuss questions later on.

Please pray that this man would go deep in his reading, ask good questions, and that he would believe in Jesus as the ultimate gift – as Savior!


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