The week before Christmas, a group of Western believers in a Muslim country had a Christmas celebration at the community center where they worked.  They invited all the locals who regularly participated at the center to come, eat some traditional finger foods, sing songs, and learn about Christmas.  Over 50 nationals attended including men, women, and children.  Bible verses were posted around the room pointing to how Jesus is God with us and our Savior.  For the first hour they hung out and ate the wonderful food.

Later, the believers started the “program” portion by singing a Christmas carol in the local language.  Words to the carol were passed out to each individual for them to follow along.  Then, a local Muslim-background believer read a children’s version of the Christmas story in his native tongue.  This was cool because he was up front proclaiming his beliefs in front of everyone.  After singing another song, the local believer read passages from Matthew and Luke about the birth of Christ.  Next, they sang another Christmas carol and then announced that they had gifts for anyone who wanted them – including Christmas hymns in the national language, a CD explaining Christmas, books about the birth of Christ, and candy canes with Bible verses.  Overall, at least 40 people heard the story of Christ straight from God’s word, and from the mouth of a local believer.


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