A football player in Turkey, “Mike,” would regularly come to his American coach and ask questions about the plays they were running.  He was new to the game and hadn’t played yet but was working really hard to learn the game.  Often, he would come before practice and would ask the same questions over and over again.  It got to the point that the coach was getting frustrated about him coming again and again.

But God opened the coach’s eyes and reminded him of the prayer he had been praying since the football season started.  “Lord, please allow me opportunities to share with football players.”  Here he was with an opportunity right before his eyes and he had dismissed it and had even gotten frustrated with the player continually coming to talk with him.  Keep in mind, the player was actually seeking out and coming to talk to his coach. 

At the next practice, the coach chatted with Mike, and, sure enough, the door opened up for a great gospel conversation.  He shared who Jesus is and why he is necessary for salvation.  Mike said he wanted to read the Bible, so the coach plans to take him both an English and a Turkish Bible.

Pray that he will read, understand, and believe!


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