Considering the Cost

June 11

Please pray for a boy named *Brian, who has professed faith in Jesus Christ.  He is only 17 but has been actively studying the Word and keeping up with us over the past six months.

Brian lives in a city a few hours from us, so we’re only able to see him about once per month.  He recently expressed a desire for baptism, which is great, but this is a sensitive issue in our country for someone under 18.  Since his parents don’t know about his decision to follow Christ, we told him we would need to wait on baptism.

Please pray for Brian to understand our reasoning and faithfully wait to follow the Lord in baptism.  Also, pray for him to have wisdom and courage to know when he should tell his parents about his conversion.  May the Lord be honored in his life!

Will you also please pray another young man named *Aaron, who is about 20 years old. Aaron lives in a city a few hours away, and he’s currently studying to be an imam but is seriously considering the claims of Christ.

Please pray for him to have conviction over his sin and to repent and believe in Christ.  If he chooses Christ, he will likely face severe consequences from his community. Pray for Aaron to also have wisdom and courage to count the cost and find Christ as the greatest treasure of all.  May we be able to both encourage and challenge him as he studies the Scriptures.

*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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