Big praise, Luke and Acts have been officially published in Behdini (a Kurdish dialect in NW Iraq)! And this week the Lord provided me with the opportunity to give out two copies to friends before it was for sale in the book store. One of the copies I received as a gift from those who worked on the translation. They also gave a local friend who was with me at the time another gift copy. He did not want to carry it home out of fear, so he left it in the glove compartment of my car.

I gave my copy to a friend early in the week. Later while on a visit the host showed mild interest in the book. But since I had already given my copy away, I went to my car and got out my friend’s copy to show the interested host. He thought it was interesting enough to ask where he could get a copy. But because of fear, it was also evident that he would not be willing to buy the book publicly. So I gave him my friends gift with plans to buy another one to replace it!

Both the host who was just mildly interested in Luke and Acts and my friend who desired to follow the Word of God were clearly controlled by fear. Most in this society seem even farther from the Word. They are uninterested. The Lord, however, has been kind to them by providing them with a translation of Luke and Act and continued work towards the complete Bible. Please join me in asking that the Lord would transform the K’s fear of man into trust in Him and their disinterest in the Word into a love for Him as they have increasing exposure to His Holy Word.


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