As a result of the efforts of a local brother’s faithfulness to share the good news with those around him, we have come together with him to start a Bible study in the local language for people who are interested in learning more about what the Bible teaches!

We put together a 7-week study summarizing and working through creation, fall, and redemption, and have met for two weeks already (as of February 1). In the first week, we had six people attend, and in the second week, there were five, two of which did not come the first week. Additionally, the guy working at the coffee shop, who was not officially participating, was definitely able to hear a good amount of the conversation!

While we focus on different passages and parts of the message every week, we end each lesson showing how Christ’s shadow is found in the passage and use that as a bridge to the gospel. Praise the Lord they are listening attentively, asking difficult questions, and listening to the Word of God!

Will you please pray that they are convicted of their sin, their need for a Savior, and the hope we have in Jesus. Also, please pray for us to have wisdom with how to direct them in the future and language ability to answer tough questions. Thank you!


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