Our 6 year-old daughter attends a local school in Turkey. Her teacher invited me and another American, believing mom to share about Christmas with her class on Christmas Eve. During the lesson, we told them that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, and we brought in a “Little People” nativity scene to use as a prop. We emphasized the fact that this was a special birth and God decorated for this birthday in a super special way by putting a huge star in the sky above the place where Jesus was. Then, we gave each child a star ornament made of cardboard to decorate with glitter and their own picture (which we had brought with us to class). The children hung their finished ornaments on the class New Year’s tree. Then, we gave star-shaped sugar cookies as a snack. The kids all listened very well; the teacher helped us explain things at times, and several of the parents thanked us. Pray that these children, teacher, and parents would be urged by the Spirit to know the truth!


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