NOTE: The following story comes from a worker living in a city with no existing church…yet.

I have been sharing the gospel with M for the past few months. We have had conversations covering just about every topic under the sun, and most of them seem to come back to spiritual things. M is very interested in what I believe and how it is different from what his religious teachers are telling him each week at the mosque he frequents.  

One evening a few weeks ago, we were again talking about spiritual things and M called his three brothers to come to his shop and hear these things I was saying about Jesus and my relationship with Him. His brothers had never heard the gospel before and M wanted them to hear, if for no other reason than mere curiosity.  

After I finished sharing the good news of Jesus, we talked for another two hours about scriptures from the Bible. It was clear they had NEVER heard what I was telling them. After this time of sharing they all asked me if I would come to their mosque to share these same stories about Jesus. This visit never took place, but only because M first arranged for his teachers to come to his shop and discuss what I was sharing.  

This was the first time any of them had ever heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of responding in anger, they were more intrigued by what I was saying. Since this is the first time they are hearing the gospel, I have been encouraged and fully believe that God could go from using us to pick up rocks in this place to sowing seeds, to seeing fruit sooner rather than later. Please pray for M, his brothers, and his teachers–that God’s Spirit would empower His word and grant them repentance and faith.


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