Dilron is a Kurdish woman who fled from her family. Tired of enduring an abusive marital relationship, she fled with their child. After many months of living in hiding she was found by her husband. During this time Dilron heard the truth of the gospel and has a copy of the Book in her language. She was reading and seeking truth, asking many questions. Though she agrees with many of the truths she has read, she still rejects the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. 

Dilron is being charged with kidnapping and could face years in prison. Dilron’s copy of the Book was discovered and she has also been charged with converting to Christianity. Her husband is pursuing a divorce and has relocated with their child. She currently has no contact with her husband or child. 

Please ask that she would see her need for Jesus. Please ask that she would see His love for her and that she would know life is only found in His name.  As she has lost all dear to her, please ask that He would use these circumstances to draw her to Himself.   


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