“What does it mean to pray? When do you pray? How do you pray? Do you have to pray? Why do you pray? Why is God a man? Why in the feeding of the 5000 are only the men counted? Why are all the prophets men? ”

These are the questions that started our friendship – and the questions for which we are still struggling to find the answers.

My friend was born a Muslim; her father & mother are strong Muslims; her husband is from the other group of Muslims, but he’s still a Muslim. My friend doesn’t want religion – she wants God. She’s searching for Him. She searched for him in the Quaran, but didn’t find him. She continues her quest through the Injil and philosophy, and at the moment is leaning more towards philosophy. One of her biggest hang-ups is the male/female issue – why are men superior to women? Doesn’t really matter what a particular religion teaches, does it – what matters is how things play out – how things actually work. Truth, however, teaches that we are all equal before God!

We’ve been studying the small passage in Luke where Jesus goes to Mary & Martha’s house. We’re looking deeply at how He interacted with both women – that he interacted with both women – and didn’t push them out and wait for the men. Then we moved on to Jn where Jesus heals the man born blind. At the end of the day, we all find ourselves in the same situation as this man. Perhaps we can’t fully explain how this happened – we don’t even really fully grasp who Jesus is, but one thing we know – what happened to us! I was blind, but now I see!

The other day, she told me she believed God brought me into her life so she could ask questions! Whoopee! What more could we ask for! Pray I’ll be steadfast, faithful and careful as I help her see, experience and comprehend Truth!


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