“Paul” is a Christian refugee from a Central Asian country who fled under great persecution. When we first met Paul months ago in a city with no known believers and no church, he was living in a tiny hostel, but he insisted on having us for tea. As we sat in his little room, we were amazed that to his possession he had one change of clothes, a blanket, some toiletries and a stack full of Bibles to share. All of Paul’s belongings could fit in one little suitcase. Yet, he had such joy and contentment in the Lord Jesus Christ. He was boldly sharing the gospel despite death threats and a serious physical beating he endured because of his faith. Paul continues to endure for the sake of the cross and is an example of one who recognizes that his true citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20).

Thankfully for Paul, he was recently transferred to another city where he is able to fellowship with other believers in Jesus Christ. He was also officially recognized by the United Nations as a refugee, allowing him more human rights in the future. Paul’s passion, though, continues to be pleasing his Lord and Savior.


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