I have had a difficult time with my health and adjusting back to Turkey after an extended stay in the US.  At the same time, I was praying for the opportunity to share the gospel with someone.  God graciously answered and encouraged me when I took my kids outside and an older neighbor lady was out with her grandson.  The family had moved in before we went to the US, and I had visited her only once.  As I was correcting my children, she asked what I was saying to them and I tried to translate the proverb, then I remembered the Bible on my phone, so I showed it to her.  I had also brought my paper Bible outside and she looked at that.  We began to talk and I got to share with her what Jesus did to take away my sin punishment and that my hope is in him.  She said it is Muhammad for them, but when I asked her what Muhammad had done for them, she could not remember.  She herself expressed interest in reading so I will follow up with a visit and a Bible. Pray that she will read the word that will be given, and that she will believe what she reads, and that she would then tell others of the good news!


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