A Christian worker approached a friend about teaching her the Kurmanji Kurdish language.  Instead, the friend suggested a Yezidi refugee from Kobani who was living with her.  By week two of the lessons, the Yezidi teacher had received a copy of the New Testament in Kurmanji, read part of John with the worker, and was asking for videos.  At the end of week three, however, she said she was leaving to try and get to Europe illegally to seek treatment for a serious disease.  It was potentially the last time the worker would see her, so she asked if she could pray for her.  She prayed, pleading to God on her behalf.  She then spent the next hour sharing with her from the garden to the cross to Christ’s return.  The worker told her if she never saw her again, she wanted to make sure to share with her the greatest treasure of all.  The Yezidi woman was willing to watch the God Story video in Kurmanji, and she took the information and looked around the mizginiyakurdi.com website.  She has had some exposure to believers in Kobani and seemed genuinely interested in reading and learning more.
Please pray now that what was sown will reap a harvest in her and among the Kurds with which she comes in contact.


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