I was able to tell the history of the Thanksgiving holiday with my neighbor while grilling a turkey.  This lead to a discussion about Christmas.  He asked if the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was like Ramadan.  I had never thought of it like that before.  I said that we had a lot of traditions around this time of year but that the point of Christmas was to celebrate God becoming man in the baby Jesus.  He obviously did not like that, but I was intentionally making him realize that he cannot claim that Christians and Muslims are all the same and that what is important is that “we are people” whatever that popular retort means…
He is one of my closets two neighbors and we have been able to help them out at times, so I hope I have earned the right to draw some distinctions and contrasts to his concepts of what I believe without losing his respect. Please pray that the Good News of this Jesus would break through his hard heart!


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