I had the opportunity to go out with L — a guest from America — to meet my Muslim friend M.  L and I had talked about how important it is to ask questions looking for an opportunity to share Truth.  We were talking about Ramazan and fasting and L asked about the purpose of the fast.  M shared that the most important thing was to pray and worship.  L then asked if he had ever seen God answer a prayer.  I told L to have a story from his own life of how God had answered prayer as an example.  When M answered that he had felt God answer but never seen Him answer a prayer, this gave L a chance to share his story.  To my surprise, L shared his life story of how he was an alcoholic and people continued to pray for him.  God answered those prayers by calling L to Himself and changing every aspect of his life.  Now L longs for God instead of alcohol.  M was very impressed by his story and of this clear evidence of God answering prayer.

Please pray for M, that God would answer our prayers for him to follow Christ.


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