A Westerner living overseas in a Muslim country was going daily to physical therapy for her back. One Friday, she was told to pay attention to the Islamic sermon they were watching on the TV in the waiting lounge. There was something about a woman who had an abortion at 12 weeks. The Western woman piped up that this was not necessary because the baby could have been given to her instead. That raised questions; they talked about abortion and adoption. The Muslim women in the room inquired whether she would raise the baby to be Muslim or Christian. She said she was a follower of Jesus the Messiah and would train that child exactly as she trained her other children. Moreover, the child would be hers, would be loved the same as her other children, and raised the same, but that everyone in the world — no matter how they are raised — must make their own decision of whom they will follow. In fact, they will stand before the Lord one day and that no one can make that decision for them. She went on to give the example of her brother being raised the same way she was but that she chose Jesus and he did not. The seeds that were sown were small, but pray that the Spirit would use her words and example to draw these women to ask more questions and become acquainted with the Word of Life.


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