While we attended a Church Family Camp in a Muslim country, I was asked to lead one of the discussion groups after each day’s morning session.  We were studying the book of Titus.  I have to admit, as the week went on, I became impatient and frustrated by the lack of understanding by one or two of the group members.  One guy in particular didn’t seem to grasp the basic meaning of the gospel, and he kept making comments that surprised me.  My wife corrected me outside of the group for my own lack of understanding and impatience.  However, since these people were coming from churches, I had hoped for more foundational biblical knowledge.  Then on the last night of the camp, the worship leader stood up and announced that someone wanted to give a testimony.  It was the guy from my group.  He then proceeded to stand up and profess his newfound faith and commitment to Christ.  I was very thankful, but also a bit chastised.  I should have seen his lack of understanding as an opportunity to minister to him instead of as a need to correct him.  And it was a reminder that many people who think they are believers even in my own city may be the very people who need to hear the gospel explained to them again.  Praise the Lord for his patience and grace in the life of this new believer, and in my life as well.


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