While breaking the Ramazan fast the other night, *Ark mentioned that I had told *Ann that Christians also fast.  He asked me when our special fasting days were.  I told him that we typically don’t have special days, and that it is usually to grow closer in our relationship to the Lord, or when we want Him to speak to us about something.  He found this very interesting.  *Ann was ignoring our conversation; she did not want to talk about it during a holy meal, but he kept trying to draw her into the conversation.  I told him our fasts are different because we are not to tell people that we are fasting, and are not to act in a way to make people see that we are fasting.  He said yes, yes!!  Because its just between you and God!  This is the right way!

He went on to explain that he feels like their fast is just a show for other people, and that people do not do it to hear from God, it is either tradition or for the praise of man.  We also talked about prayer, and how we are told to pray in our closets.  *Ann spoke up and said that it is better to pray together in a mosque, it is worth more.  *Ark asked her why it was worth more, and she made effort to end the conversation.

Please pray that our conversations will continue to point them to Jesus.


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