Two expats met a Kurdish student while attending a Kurdish fellowship in Turkey.  They got his phone number hoping to meet up with him later.  The next week, they contacted him to see if they could hang out.  They then met with him, drank tea, and chatted for a while.  He invited the expats back to his apartment to have dinner, and they accepted.
When they got to his apartment, they had the opportunity to meet his roommate who is also Kurd from Suruç.  They all chatted for a long time, and the Kurd’s began to ask spiritual questions.  This led to an opportunity to share the gospel. They, especially the roommate, asked a lot of great questions and said that they had never before heard what was being explained.  They both seem extremely interested and said that they would love to hang out again some time.
Pray that they would indeed be open to spending time with these workers, and that the gospel would go deep and spring up manyfold!


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