In Exodus 28, we read of the instructions that God gave Moses regarding the clothing of the priests who would be serving before God. Multiple times in these instructions, God said that an item of clothing was to be “‚Ķfor glory and for beauty.” Both of these things, glory and beauty, are important to a glorious and beautiful God.

I weekly lead the music for our Kurdish house group which is meeting in the Turkish language. I often enjoy leading old, theologically rich hymns that come from the European traditions of music that have been translated into Turkish. They are to me glorious and beautiful. But I have found that the Kurds here rather much more enjoy the songs written by other Turks and Kurds.

I share this with you to pray for the Kurds. Pray that the Lord would raise up those among them whom He has gifted in the arts, who care both for glory and for beauty. Who want to see God glorified by the local body singing doctrinal truth, but who also want to see good, true, and beautiful music written in their own styles. Pray that the local churches would see this work as worthy, and encourage those who are currently, and who will be, writing music to press on in serving the churches here in this way.


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