“Getting engaged? Getting engaged? Really? When? Tomorrow? Really? When did this happen?”

I had this exact conversation twice in the last 4 weeks, with two women I consider very good friends. I felt shock, hurt, frustration, isolation, confusion. And yet, springing this type of news on people is a very normal occurrence. Trust is such a fleeting, tenuous concept. The Sorani women I know may have only one, perhaps two, people they fully trust. Am I one of those? Can I ever be one of those? And at what level will I be able to be that type of trusted friend? I am a foreigner; I am not Sorani; there are many other barriers to being this type of friend.

BUT, I do have friends who call me when they are struggling with a problem, or they don’t know the right thing to do, or when they feel like they can’t talk to anyone else without being judged or having their news spread all over town.

So, I don’t go to the big parties; I don’t have the splashy stories to tell; but I am able to have heart-felt conversations with individuals that may never be known to anyone outside the participants and the Father. I am able to speak Truth into their lives and influence them towards the Light.

For me, that will suffice. . .


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