For Understanding As He Reads the Scriptures

October 29

  1. Will you please pray for Khaled, a new follower of Jesus Christ? Please pray that God will protect Khaled and others in his local fellowship from the temptations of the world and the lies of the enemy. Pray also for Khaled’s pastor, that he will have wisdom in raising up disciples for the kingdom of God.
  2. A couple months ago, after prayer walking in our neighborhood, I met a young Kurdish man who works at his parents’ restaurant.  Later, I started visiting his restaurant regularly, and we became friends. I gave him a New Testament to read.  Now, I visit his restaurant every week, and he asks me questions about what he’s reading in the Scriptures, while his parents watch with no objections.  Please pray for Schwartz* to understand and accept the gospel as he reads the Word of God for himself.

*NOTE: Name changed for security reasons.


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